Bulgarian Cheer Union

In March 2017, nine sports clubs established a nonprofit legal entity for the public benefit (Non-Government Organization) with the name Bulgarian Cheer Union (BCU). In April 2018 Team Bulgaria participated in the very first time in World Cheerleading Championship in Orlando, USA (pom doubles discipline). In October 2018 Team Bulgaria participated in NBTA Europe European Majorettes Championship in Poreč, Croatia. Step by step number of clubs members increased. In December 2020, Ministry of Youth and Sport officially certified Bulgarian Cheer Union as national governing body of Cheerleading sport with License №101/21.12.2020. At the present days BCU have almost 30 clubs from more than 25 locations in Bulgaria which are specialized in different sport disciplines of Cheerleading and Baton Twirling sports. Together with the government structures BASU and AUSA in 2023 was organized the first schools and the first universities national championships. Bulgarian Cheer Union is open for communication, methodological help and partnership with all kids, juniors, adults, government and non-government organizations for introducing and developing teams, clubs and promotion (for commercial companies) squads in different locations.


October 5-8, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

NBTA Europe Europeans2023

In October 5-8 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria will be a meeting point of 1 200 athletes from NBTA Europe Majorette division. More than 16 European countries will compete for the title European Champion in sports hall “Kolodrum Plovdiv”. The opening will be in Amphitheatre with open air official ceremony. Host of the event NBTA Europe Team Bulgaria.

April 19-24, Orlando, USA

ICU Worlds2023 & World Cup2023

In April 19-24 in ESPN Arena, Orlando, Florida, USA was held Worlds2023 and first ever World Cup. Team Bulgaria participated in both events in pom doubles discipline. It was the competition with athletes from more than 60 countries around the world. It was broadcasted from Olympic Channel and was one of the biggest competitions in international cheerleading sport.

October 14-16, Lignianno Sabiadoro, Italy

NBTA Europe Europeans2022

In October 14-16 in Ligniano Sabiadoro, Italy was held NBTA Europe Championship 2023. Team Bulgaria participated in 7 divisions (individual and groups) with 63 athletes. There were 17 European countries with more than 1 400 athletes. Team Bulgaria had 4 podiums in juvenile and junior age groups.

April 19-23, Orlando, USA

ICU Worlds2022

In April 19-21 in ESPN Arena, Orlando, Florida, USA was held Worlds2022, the first bogger event in person after the Covid pandemic. Team Bulgaria participated in double poms and double hip hop divisions and become 13 and 17 places in the competition. There were athletes from 54 countries.

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